The Lion

Cator Arms
The Cator Coat of Arms on the Mansion House in Beckenham Place Park

The Cator lion was added to the Beckenham arms in 1931.

It appears twice on the mansion's arms, on the crest and on the shield where it is passant i.e. walking forwards with its right paw raised and its other three paws on the ground.

Cator Arms The later arms of John Cator, 1862-1944, Squire of Woodbastwick

This handsome version of the Cator arms shows the lion with a red bargemelle round its neck and a wreath of silver and red.

It can be seen with the memorial to John Cator in the church at Woodbastwick.

The fishes on the shield represent the arms of the Cators from 1818 showing their sporting interests.