Eden Park and West Wickham

Back of Elderslie House

The last of 5 houses with stables and lodges built in the Victorian development, South Eden Park Rd.

Although Kelsey Park's Charles Hoare ran a coach from Beckenham to West Wickham, plans were afoot for West Wickham to have its own line from Elmers End. Colonel John Farnaby, Lord of the Manor of West Wickham, was a leading promoter but William Rudd Mace who owned the land at Eden Park, insisted on a halt there as well. The house Elderslie was bought by the West Wickham & Hayes Railway Company and subsequent tenants of the house were able to stop trains there after the official opening of the line by Sir John Lennard in May 1882.

Building round Eden Park station was slow and it was not until 1928 that houses were constructed between Upper Elmers End and Eden Park.

References: Monks Orchard & Eden Park by Ian Muir and Pat Manning published by Halsgrove (now out of print but copies for sale from Bromley Local Studies library), The story of the Harvington Estate.