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Although the track was electrified, steam engines were a common sight

Juliet Petri is a keen artist in B&W with a wide interest in subject matter that has railway engines near the top.

She also draws animals like cats, dogs and horses but has included many of Beckenham's old buildings in her portfolio.

As a keen supporter of the RSPB, she is selling her pictures of birds for the Society's funds.

Elmers End Heron Sign

The heron sign at Elmers End Green was provided by the Residents Association

On 1 April 1864, a new double track opened, passing through open farmland from New Beckenham to Elmers End, so named after the Aylmer family who lived close by.

The Mid Kent Railway had a very short life as it was bought out by the South Eastern Railway although announcers at London Bridge still refer to this as the Mid Kent line.

Trains continued from Elmers End to Addiscombe, branching off to Selsdon and Sanderstead, lines used today for the Croydon tramlink.